Research Publications

Topic ชื่อผู้วิจัย Year Published
The Effect of Two Types of Back Pillow Support on Transversus Abdominis and Internal Oblique Muscle Fatigue, Patient Satisfaction, and Discomfort Score during Prolonged Sitting Pongsatorn Saiklang 2566
Pilot study on the improvement effects of scapulothoracic exercises on the respiratory functions in sedentary young adult female with forward shoulder posture: a randomized control trial Kanogwun Thongchote 2566
"The Functional Correction of Forward Shoulder Posture with Kinesiotape Improves Chest Mobility and Inspiratory Muscle Strength: A Randomized Controlled Trial" Kanogwun Thongchote 2566
Factors Associated with Demand for Medical Cannabis Use among Breast Cancer Patients in Northern Thailand: A Cross-Sectional Study Pariyakorn Sanguankittiphan 2566
"แนวทางการออกแบบนวัตกรรมรถนั่งคนพิการตามแนวจิตสังคม กรณีศึกษาผู้อายุติดเตียง จังหวัดปทุมธานี" สุกฤษฏิ์ ใจจานงค์ 2565
Postural control during quiet standing and voluntary stepping response tasks in individuals post-stroke: a case-control study. Rumpa Boonsinsukh 2565
"The Effect of Core Stabilization Exercise with the Abdominal Drawing-in Maneuver Technique on Stature Change during Prolonged Sitting in Sedentary Workers with Chronic Low Back Pain." Pongsatorn Saiklang 2565
The Association between Health Behavior and Health Promotion Needs of Village Health Volunteers in Thailand Ormjai Taejarernwiriyakul 2565
Analysis of FTIR Spectra, Flavonoid Content and Anti-Tyrosinase Activity of Extracts and Lotion from Garcinia schomburgkiana by Multivariate Method Sirikul Thummajitsakul 2565
Pain and electromyography reduction cause of sitting upright posture, frequent break, eye rest and self-stretching during smartphone usage. Pattariya Intolo 2565