About Us

History The Faculty of Physical Therapy, Srinakharinwirot University was founded in accordance with the university development project at Ongkharak campus in Nakhon Nayok province in 1988 under the name of "Establishment of Faculty of Physical Therapy Project”. It was originally built to produce graduates in the field of physical therapy. The first group of physical therapy students was admitted in 1993, making SWU  be the 5th physical therapy educational institution founded in Thailand. Later the faculty expanded its mission to provide comprehensive courses in other fields of health sciences to benefit patients and the public and was renamed to the "Faculty of Allied Health Sciences". in 2010, a bachelor’s degree in health promotion addressing policies on health promotion as well as graduate programs in physical therapy were subsequently launched. On the 1st of October 2016, the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences changed its name to the Faculty of Physical Therapy to ensure its clear educational direction.
Vision As a prototype organization; science, body of knowledge, innovation between physical therapy and health promotion of elderly well-being will be integrated.
ค่านิยมองค์กร (Core Values) P-THAI
Mission Mission 1: Graduate Creation
To produce graduates with professional competency in accordance with international standards who are able to integrate the science of physical therapy and health promotion, innovate through empirical evidence and possess communication skills on health and well-being for the elderly.

Mission 2: Research
To provide quality national and international research and innovation, to integrate the body of knowledge and science in physical therapy and health promotion for the sustainable well-being of the elderly.

Mission 3: Academic Management
To promote lifelong learning and academic services to society through integrated science in physical therapy and health promotion for elderly well-being development and the aging society.

Mission 4: Physical Therapy Clinic
To develop a prototype physical therapy clinic that integrates science in physical therapy and health promotion for support of public services.

Mission 5: Management
To increase the efficiency of management systems and personnel competencies as well as create an atmosphere and environment conducive to faculty development towards a prototype organization based on good governance principles.